Rules & Regulations

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1.1 All residents (hereinafter referred to as “Residents”) staying in Victoria Hall (hereinafter referred to as “the hostel”) are expected to display acceptable forms of behavior that is becoming of young men and young ladies, anywhere within the hostel compound.

1.2 Smoking is strictly not allowed in the hostel rooms (air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms) or anywhere within the hostel and its vicinity at all times.

1.3 Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the hostel rooms (air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms) or anywhere within the hostel and its vicinity at all times.

1.4 Possession and consumption of any prohibited drugs in the hostel compound are not allowed. Anyone caught shall be handed to the relevant Authorities.

1.5 Residents are not allowed to bring pornographic or any distasteful materials to or display them in their rooms or anywhere within the premises and its vicinity.

1.6 Parties or other social gatherings in the hostel compound are not permitted without the prior consent of the Residence Manager or where applicable, any person or board delegated by the Residence Manager with disciplinary functions, power or duties (hereinafter referred to as “Hostel Management”).

1.7 Residents are not allowed to pass the room key to their friends or whosoever to utilize their rooms in their absence of stay or during their vacation.

1.8 Residents are prohibited from climbing over the fence or wall to get in or out of the Hostel compound.

1.9 Noise level, volume of radio, etc must be kept low at all times to allow others the opportunity to study or sleep in comfort. These rules are intended for the Resident to follow so as to achieve a conducive living environment for all the residents.

1.10 Residents caught committing a crime or theft of any kind will be referred to the Police for Action and will be evicted. Prior to eviction, Residents will have to settle all outstanding charges where deemed applicable including forfeiture of unutilized period of the rent paid.

1.11 Pranks, ragging and rowdy games in any form are prohibited.

1.12 No littering or burning of waste material shall be allowed at any time within its premises and vicinity.

1.13 Fire extinguishers are not to be removed from their proper location or discharged unless it is a fire emergency. Anyone found tampering with fire extinguisher is subject to disciplinary action and would be required to pay the amount of RM1,500.00 per extinguisher.

1.14 Vandalism is a very serious offence. Residents found guilty of committing such an offence can or may be evicted from the Hostel.


2.1 Residents are responsible for the up-keep of cleanliness and tidiness of their rooms at all times including the common areas in the Hostel, such as the lounge area, pantry and bathrooms for the convenience of the next users. No residents are allowed to make alterations or damage to the premises or to remove any fittings. Anyone caught violating this Rule will be subjected to appropriate charges and action where deemed necessary by The Management.

2.2 Cooking is not allowed in the room including storing, preparing, cooking or consume food to prevent smell and pest nuisance.

2.3 All air-conditioners, fans, light and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use. A sum of RM50.00 shall be levied if caught for not switching off the air-conditioner if not in use.

2.4 Tampering with the existing power switches or introduce additional electrical plugs to the existing power points (including appliance such as mini fridge, microwave oven, etc) are STRICTLY not allowed to prevent overloading and fire.

2.5 Placing of baggage/bags or unwanted items outside the room is not allowed to avoid obstruction to other residents. Shoes placed outside their rooms must be properly stored in the locker boxes provided for the residents.

2.6 Common Hostel furniture must not be moved into other rooms from one hostel unit to another without the consent of the Hostel Management.

2.7 Any damage to Hostel property must be reported immediately to the Hostel Management. Residents will have to pay for all damages except those caused by normal wear and tear.

2.8 Residents sharing common facilities within the room of the residence shall be liable for a joint payment towards the cost of repair or loss of facilities within the room in the event that such damage or loss is not attributable to a single resident.

2.9 The Hostel Management reserves the Rights to move residents to other Hostel units if there is a necessity.

2.10 The Hostel Management reserves the Right to match those twin sharing Residents without a room-mate with same gender. Any damages to room facilities will be shared equally with the roommate.

2.11 The Hostel Management reserves the Rights to enter, inspect or spot checks the rooms in the interest of proper conduct of the Residents, or the orderly and efficient administration and proper use of the rooms, or to maintain/repair the premises but only in the presence of the Residents. Unless time permits, a written notification shall be given in advance of the Management’s intended entry.


3.1 Check-in of students are on working days

Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

3.2 If under any circumstance students were to check-in before or after the working hours, a notice should be sent to the Hostel Management prior to the arrival for necessary arrangement.

3.3 Residents are strongly encouraged not to check-in BEFORE the specified check-in date. The Hostel Management do not guarantee the availability of accommodations should students come in before the specified check-in date.


3.4 Residents are to check out all their personal belongings and vacate the room latest by 12.00 noon on the specified checkout date. Hostel Management reserves the right to vacate the room without prior consent of Residents by transferring all the personal belongings of Residents to the store room should Residents fail to comply before 12.00 noon.

3.5 If temporary storage is required, Residents must pack their belongings in box(es), label them with name and ID No. and be solely responsible for transferring the belongings to the storage venue. The Hostel Management is not liable for any damages and lost of items stored in the said venue.

3.6 Residents who need to change the checkout date after the Termination Notice is issued to them will have to notify the Hostel Management in writing within 30 days of their termination date. Failure to comply may lead to eviction from the hostel.


4.1 Visitors including residents from other Hostel units are allowed into the lounge area during the following visiting hours :-

Mondays to Sundays (including Public Holidays) - 10am to 12 midnight.

4.2 All visitors and non-residents must register at the Security Counter and provide all detail and documents for verification as requested by Security Officer.

4.3 Resident(s) have to inform the Security Officer of any expected visitor(s) and to receive them at the Lobby area.

4.4 No visitors shall be allowed to loiter around the Hostel vicinity except the designated area without the company of the Resident (s). Visitors are NOT allowed to use the hostel facilities.

4.5 Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the Hostel units without the prior consent of the Hostel Management. All visitors and non-residents must leave the Hostel complex by the stipulated visiting hours.

Anyone caught residing in the room without written approval from The Management will be treated as squatter and will be evicted immediately. A rental levy based on Guest Rate will be charged to the Resident for allowing unauthorized visitor to stay. The Hostel Management reserves their rights to evict any of the Residents who faulted the Rules & Regulations.

4.6 Residents are not permitted to allow visitors (including Residents) of the opposite sex into their bedrooms at any time behind close door for whatever reason. The Hostel Management reserves the rights to evict any Residents who do not comply.


For the safety of all Residents, the followings are to be observed :-

5.1 It is advisable for residents to have their entry and exit recorded by the biometric scanner located at the Main Front Lobby (Security Officer will then be able to identify the safe return of residents to the Hostel).

5.2 Residents are required to carry their Residents Passes at all times within the Compound of the Hostel when visiting other residents in their hostel units and show it to the security officer upon request. Loss of Pass must be reported to Hostel Management immediately. Resident shall bear the cost of replacement.

5.3 (a) Residents should return to the hostel by mid-night on weekdays. On Friday, Saturday and eves of public holidays they should return by 3.00 a.m. of the following day provided he/she has a late night pass. The late night pass is available at the Hostel Management Office during office hours. Residents are to produce their late night passes and hostel card to the Security Guards on returning to the hostel.

(b) Residents returning in the early hours of the morning are to follow all the rules and regulations of the hostel, such as not making too much noise.

5.4 It is the responsibility of the Residents to keep the Hostel Management/Security Officer informed, if they intend to stay away from the Hostel, even if it is just for one night. For those who are leaving for long vacation, date of expected return must also be informed.

5.5 Residents are responsible for all their personal belongings and valuable items e.g. handphone, portable computer, watches and money etc under lock and ensure that their door and windows are properly secured at all times. The Hostel Management is not responsible for any loss of private properties.

5.6 Residents are not permitted to change rooms or sleep anywhere other than in their own bedroom without the consent of the Hostel Management in writing.

5.7 Any resident who finds his/her room-mates(s) missing for more than 48 hours must report to the Hostel Management or Security Officer immediately. This is to enable the Hostel Management to take immediate action if any untoward incident had taken place. The Management appreciate full co-operation from the Residents.

5.8 Loss of key must be reported to Hostel Management immediately. Resident shall bear the cost of replacement of locks and keys including duplication of all keys.

5.9 Duplication of keys is prohibited and unauthorized entry to a room is a serious offence. Trespassers will be seriously dealt with.

5.10 Requesting the security officer to run any personal errands or to retain custody of any personal items is not allowed.

5.11 Offering of payment/Tips, rewards, token of appreciation, or gifts in any other kinds for any services rendered by the security officer is not allowed.

5.12 Inform the security officer of any suspicious persons or things found abandoned at the passageway or common facilities.


6.1 In case of emergency outside office hours, please contact the Security Officer on duty at the Security Counter or the Resident Manager.

Mr. Vincent Toh H/P No. 013-8089998

Mr. Jackson Ling H/P No. 012-8876911


7.1 Victoria Hall shall not be liable directly or indirectly for personal injury, loss of life, loss and /or damage to any personal property of resident, guest, or visitor suffered in within the hostel premises.


8.1 Application for refund of Hostel Deposits must be done in the prescribed form obtainable at the Hostel Management Office.

8.2 The Hostel Deposit will only be refunded AFTER the hostel unit has been vacated, the Keys and the Hostel Card returned, and all other monies due to the Hostel Management have been settled.

8.3 The Hostel Deposit cannot be used to offset any outstanding monies owing to the hostel. Residents who check out from the hostel without clearing their accounts will have all the outstanding monies being deducted from the deposit. An additional PENALTY equivalent to 25% of the term rental will be charged to the Residents and be deducted from the remaining deposits.

8.4 Pre-refund of hostel deposit is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED.

8.5 Refunds of all deposits will take approximately 1 week to be processed. The refund can be collected from Hostel Management.

8.6 The refund of deposits in cheque will be made payable to the Residents’ name on request unless expressly specified otherwise in writing by the Residents or Residents’ parent/guardian.


9.1 No pets are allowed.

9.2 Fighting or any kind of physical violence is not allowed within the hostel complex. Residents found committing such an offence will be evicted.

9.3 Resident’s Registered Mails/Articles or Parcels

Residents are to inform the Residents Manager in writing of any expected registered mails/articles/parcels in ADVANCE else mails/articles/parcels shall be returned, Management shall not be responsible for any damaged/lost which may arise. The Management/Security Officer reserve the rights to check the content of the delivered items for security reasons.

9.4 Resident’s Letters

Residents are to check for any mails meant for them weekly at the Management Counter.

9.5 Hostel Facilities

a) Student Lounge – Eating/Drinking is strictly not allowed in the Student Lounge. Resident(s) in possession/consumption of food or drinks will be asked to leave the room immediately. The Management will issue a warning for the above offence. Noise level should be kept at minimum at ALL times.

b) Toilets/Showers – Residents have to be considerate to other users. Please keep the toilets and showers clean at all times after use.

c) Laundry Area – Residents have to keep the area clean and tidy at all times. Keep the washing agents at the proper area provided and remove your dried clothing from the drying machine to allow others to use. Residents are reminded to dry their clothing at the designated area. Clothing found drying/hanging at unauthorized area(s) would be removed without notice.

d) Kitchen / Pantry – The Management has provide a stove, fridge-freezer, microwave, pots, pans and crockery. The Management does not provide cutlery in the pantry. Respective Residents are liable for their own utensils and food items.

e) Hostel Rooms – Residents are reminded not to hang/paste anything on the walls/doors of their rooms, which may cause damage(s) which they will be liable upon check out.

9.6 Properly Attired

Residents shall dress in appropriate attire at all times within the Victoria Hall vicinity.

9.7 Updates and Announcements

Any new updates and announcements within Victoria Hall will be posted on the Notice Board.


10.1 The Hostel Management reserves the Rights to revise the Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions including the prices & room rates from time to time and will keep the residents informed of any changes way of Circular pinned on the Notice Boards.

10.2 Residents found breaking any Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions are liable for expulsion from the hostel within 24 hours and any remaining rental will be forfeited.


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